Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Biden Calls Ties Between U.S. and Israel ‘Unshakable’

Sounds like famous last words to me. Israel does not appear to be a pillar of moral superiority, even given the faults of the radical portion of Islam. We must concede that the radical portion of Islam has been inspired in part by what they view as hypocrisy and moral degeneracy on the part of the West and Christianity.

Israel should get busy with serious attempts at reconciling with the Muslim, Christian and other Palestinians. Even if rocket attacks and terrorism never ended, the majority of Palestinians either could be reasonable or could be forgiven for being forever angry after all that has happened to them.

Muslims have many serious and valid reasons to be resentful so - even though I question Islam and its most radical wing - the West should approach Islam in humility and asking forgiveness for countless abuses and misunderstandings. Even though this would not end terrorism, it would at least somewhat diffuse the middle of the road Muslims who presently are rather sympathetic to the underlying positions of the terrorists (though they do not approve of their violent and indiscriminate tactics).

Conservative Christians in the USA have enabled Israel to be reckless and excessively violent, as they support Israel no matter what.

Nonetheless, I empathize with the embattled Jews of the Middle East, carving out (right or wrong) a safe haven in lands traditionally theirs. But their aggressive stance fuels radical Islam and radicalizes the rest of the Islamic nations. This is highly unwise, as terrorists need only a small force to ruin many lives.

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